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David Bluhm is a negotiator. He was the lead negotiator as a banker among government, government owned entities, private company borrowers and a multitude of international banks on numerous large syndicated loans. As a lawyer, he negotiates every day. David firmly believes that to be an effective negotiator, one must understand one’s own position and the other side’s requirements. He listens and asks questions. Always keeping his client’s interests first, Bluhm analyzes and balances the business risks along a full spectrum of solutions to find advantages for his client within acceptable solutions for the other side.

Different from trial lawyers who need to win, business lawyers seek workable resolutions that often involve the parties moving forward together. For business negotiations to be successful, each side must believe that the outcome is more beneficial than the alternative. Fiercely guarding his client’s interests, Bluhm knows that a well-represented opponent also needs to accomplish goals. The interests and goals of one party are not always opposed to those of other the other party or parties. A skilled negotiator searches to accommodate those interests and goals while minimizing the diminution of the other party’s interests and goals. More often than not, a resolution requires more the thoughtful than a loud approach. In finding solutions, Bluhm has negotiated with governments, head-strong individuals and very large corporations, including many among the Fortune 50.

Bluhm has been active as a judge over the past several years in local law school negotiation competitions and most recently has coached teams at the Berkeley Law School on negotiation skills, helping one team advance to first place among California law schools.